Preview of Upcoming Album

Grood is hard at work on another album, and it’s coming along swimmingly. The playlist to the left contains all the rough drafts that we’re herding to completion. This week’s featured song is “It Found You.” I like it for the most part, but it’s unfinished towards the end. Not sure what’s the best way to do that, endings have never really been my thing.
The song is about drugs and how they’re sort of a pain in the ass, they can get all up in you sometimes and not let go when you want them to. And although the lyrics seem dire, the music seems more playful and sarcastic, like it remembers that nothing is really a big deal, so don’t sweat it.
The main thing we’re having fun with in recording this album is we’re getting Kasey way more involved than in the past. She might end up singing lead on about half the songs, which is good cuz she’s a good singer.