Preview of Upcoming Album

Grood is hard at work on another album, and it’s coming along slowly but surely. The playlist to the left contains all the rough drafts that we’re herding to completion. This week I’ve decided to feature the song we believe to be the opener, and that’s probably because the song is named Intro. But it’s a chicken or the egg scenario.
The song has been through more iterations than any other Grood song, and I’m still not quite sold on it. For some reason it keeps sticking its head up and asking me to work on it. I’m hoping my creative work with it is almost done, but the song is the boss.
We’re frantically putting these rough edits together and giving them to the razor sharp ears of Ray Quinn, owner of Martyrs‘ in Chicago, my old boss, but most importantly a killer producer. He’s agreed to work on at least a few of the songs to make them shiny and audible (which some people tell me that my usual mixes are not). More importantly, I’m learning a lot about things that will probably help me do this kinda stuff on my own. That’d be nice, amazing producers don’t just come around all the time, so I gotta learn to do every part of the recording process.