Preview of Upcoming Album

Grood is hard at work on another album, and it’s coming along swimmingly.  The playlist to the left is all the rough drafts that we’re herding to completion.  I’m constantly moving out the old version and shuffling in the new one to the top of the list.  Right now the top one is called “This,” for reasons that are beyond my comprehension as a songwriter.  It has only led to confusion as I try to call out the next song on stage: …This!  They’re getting the hang of it though.

When I first write things, I have to record them the day of or I will forget everything.  Each song name starts out as a date and then gets a more fitting name later.  I know this song’s first title was 090209, which means I wrote it in Sep 2009.  It doesn’t surprise me that it’s taken 6 years to get finished.  That’s just how it goes.

The song is about looking very hard, listening very carefully when you’re trying to create something.  When I write a song I feel like a detective that is just trying to follow the breadcrumbs the song left in its wake as it meanderedthrough the forest, only to be almost eaten by a witch.

It is the first song we have made that sounds pretty close to done, even though we didn’t record any real drums, we used Battery 4 for that.  The drum sounds are always the hardest and most expensive to get right, so using the software, I had Alan Maniacek (Grood’s live show drummer) come in and record some takes using his drum pad to control the software sounds.  I think it sounds OK, but this version doesn’t have any of his stuff that he added, so the next version will sound much more involved as far as the drums go.