Preview of Upcoming Full Length Album

Grood is hard at work on another album, and it’s coming along swimmingly.  The playlist to the left contains all the rough drafts that we’re herding to completion.  The top one this week is “You’re Mean, Work on That.” It’s a bass-heavy instrumental rough draft made in 2009 that has been overhauled several times. But will it make it on the final cut? It’s different than most of the other prospective songs and sometimes I think that super-electronic rock songs don’t belong on a proper album, but I’m not sure why I feel that way. Maybe I’m afraid the songs will sound dated in 10 years, or at the latest pace, 2 years. Some play it safe and only use instruments that have been around for more than 50 years.
The song started as a mistake I made when messing with a loop pedal I was playing through. I hit the wrong switch and it sounded crazy. I sampled that sound and played it on a drum pad for its maiden performance in December 2011 at Subterranean in Chicago IL USA for our first ACTual Show, here’s a clip of it on youtube.  Kasey did some ingenius stuff with black lights and pvc pipes.  I loved it.  Big shout out to my best high school-to-now friend John Garnello for dancing in his underwear.
How did we convince a high-powered investment banker to do that?  That’s the power of Grood.

After that, the song lay dormant for several years.  The first ACTual Show turned out so poorly production-wise that I was no longer enamored by any song we played that night, ha!  But as I started exploring soft synths like Omnisphere and the very powerful Turnado I applied my sound synthesis chops to this song, and the song at the top of the playlist is the version of that.

For the final, I’ll probably just get some more natural drum sounds added in, compartmentalize the different bass-es in the song so they don’t conflict so much, and maybe add some samples of people saying awesome shit?  That just occurred to me, maybe I’ll try it.