Congratulations Sir or Miss or Other, it is my pleasure to inform you that your name is in good standing to win the ACTual Show Win Big Sweepstakes. Read further for details on how to claim your prize!

Frequently people ask, “how did this happen?” To which we explain that you have been chosen by an esteemed group of entrepreneurs and other beloved community leaders for your skills and/or demeanor. I assure you this is quite an exceptional honor.

In order to be sure you are eligible for any and all prizes and/or giveaways that may or may not occur, we need to verify certain pieces of information that we already currently own about your music and entertainment preferences; this process focuses on but is not limited to your actions, thoughts, and dreams.

To claim your prize, please follow the link below, watch videos and/or listen to songs, and sign up for the Grood Music Mailing List.

At a later date, we will contact you to confirm that your preferred prize delivery time and location is what matches our internal reports. However, we must assure you that although you are strongly in the running to win Grood’s ACTual Show Win Big Sweepstakes, there are several other candidates and these prizes are limited and expensive.

Please also save the date of November 5th in your calendar for Grood’s ACTual Show Win Big Sweepstakes Big Winner Giveaway, hosted by Martyrs’ in Chicago.