Charlie has been asked to start a series over at Friendly Tap in Berwyn, and he thought up this little gem:

“Live from Logan Square: Importing musical acts from Chicago’s slacker district.”

MEANING: all the bands that hail from Logan Square, we’ll bring them out to Berwyn and have them play. confusing title, simple concept. although all bands from Logan Square play a bunch of different genres, there’s a certain attitude or something that can’t be put into words that places them from that area, and people in Berwyn are about to be given a chance to figure out exactly what that is.

It’s every third thursday, which in 2017 means: Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, and Dec 21.

Sept 21, it will be SKANK – brainchild of Christian Zwit and Parker Grogan of Woo Park, Charlie Otto of Grood, Luc Parcell and Danny Van Durem of Bonzo Terks. I’m gonna call it Thrash Funk. probably way too much sound for that room.

Couple more things:

-it’s free99, band takes donations
-show starts at 9 and goes til 11, most likely