The 9th annual ACTual Show: our singer Kasey Foster will lead an optional hour long workout routine while the band plays live Grood tunes.

Feb 8, 2020 @ Subterranean in Chicago

$10, 12:30pm, Ages 17+

For anyone that is interested in putting their bodies to use, this is a real workout and no one will look at you funny if you wear workout clothes or bring a mat of some kind.

For anyone who just wants to see a show, SubT conveniently has a second floor balcony from which a spectator can witness both the band and anyone bold enough to do the workout routine on the dance floor.


here is the FB event

The ACTual Show is something Grood does once a year, it’s different each time, and just means that there is something else happening that goes along with the band playing the tunes. here is a video of a past year: